Azure Kubernetes Services: Container Security for a Cloud Native World

A CloudOps and Microsoft eBook on how to secure your containers in Azure with AKS.

The Cloud Native world has flipped security on its head, requiring innovative thinking and assembly of architectures that depart from traditional enterprise design methods. Over the years, many development professionals became complacent with static, perimeter-based networking. This architecture has evolved into security models which safeguard dynamic server clusters whose IP Addresses constantly change.

In this eBook, we explore the top five container security concerns that companies should be aware of and provide ways to improve the security of their Kubernetes clusters in Azure.

eBookYou will learn about:

- Things to consider before creating Kubernetes clusters in Azure
- Next steps once AKS is up, running, and integrated with Azure AD
- AKS cluster setup and configuration to onboard users
- AKS application and service workloads


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